Our Actions

Dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge

19 thematic committees

Moderate thematic debates and guide the associations’ actions and activities in relevant fields

Propose or implement actions or activities (such as the Annual Days program – “Journées Annuelles”   - and conferences)

Comité 1   - 3G (Géophysique, Géologie, Gisement) : Présidente Isabelle Le Nir (Schlumberger)
Comité 2   - Forage-Puits : Président Jean-Claude Choux (Total)
Comité 3   - CO2 : Président Jean-Pierre Deflandre (IFP School)
Comité 4   - PC2M (Projets, Construction, Matériels et Matériaux) : Président Yann Lepoutre
Comité 5   - RPPB (Raffinage, Pétrochimie, Produits, Biocarburants) : Présidente Christine Travers (IFP School)
Comité 6   - Utilisation et Distribution de l’'Energie : Président Patrick Oberto
Comité 7   - Economie et Gestion : Président Denis Babusiaux (Consultant)
Comité 8   - Commission GNL,
créée en 2008, la Commission GNL poursuit son activité, en association avec l’AFG (Association Française du Gaz) - Président Alain Giacosa (Total).
Comité 9 - Efficacité –Energétique : Président Jean-Paul Gourlia (Consultant)
Comité 10 - HSES (Hygiène, Sécurité, Environnement et Sureté) : Président Bruno Lequime (TechnipFMC)
Comité 11 - Local Content : Président Laurent de Soultrait (Total)
Comité 12 - Entreprises - Universités : Présidente Isabelle Rey-Fabret (Sofresid)
Comité 13 - Energies Renouvelables : Président Romain Provost de la Fardinière (EVOLEN)
- Comité Eolien Offshore
- Comité Hydrogène et Industrie
- Comité Biogaz
Comité 14 - Digital : Président William Joly (SNEF)


Specifics Committees

  • Le Comité RH, qui réunit les DRH des entreprises membres d'EVOLEN
  • Le Comité Conjoncture et Marchés, qui traite de l'actualité énergétique
  • Le Comité WE (Women in Energy), qui favorise la mixité et les carrières des femmes
  • Le Comité Communication, qui regroupe les communicants et travaille sur l'image du secteur
  • Le Comité Jeunes, qui encourage la création d'un réseau de jeunes professionnels

• EVOLEN corporate clubs

EVOLEN corporate clubs meet to discuss general topics and issues (particularly those of international concern) that interest the management teams of the Association’s corporate members.

Other Activities

• Youth Committee

The main purpose of the EVOLEN’s Youth Committee is to develop links between the senior management of oil companies and the younger generations (young professionals and students).
The Youth Committee also aims to develop a network of contacts to facilitate future industrial exchanges.

President: Christophe Paillusseau 

• CITEPH Programme

Concertation pour l’Innovation Technologique dans l’Exploration Production des Hydrocarbures (Consultations on Technological Innovation in Oil & Gas Exploration-Production)

Under an ad hoc agreement, the EVOLEN Association manages and leads the CITEPH Programme. This programme aims to provide SMEs and SMIs with private funding of Research & Development projects and to enhance the promotion of French technology relating to oil & gas exploration-production.

The promoters of the CITEPH programme are interested in a very broad spectrum of fields of knowledge, ranging from geosciences to offshore production facilities.

All the organisations that support and finance the programme are represented on a Policy Board, which sets the Programme’s strategic and thematic directions. The Policy Board also ensures that the funding of the projects selected for the Programme by the project sponsors is well coordinated and results from proper consultation procedures.

• BN Pétrole (Oil Standardisation Office)

The Oil Standardisation Office (known as “BN Pétrole”) is the French oil profession’s body in charge of French, European and international standardisation. It has been officially approved by the French Ministry of Industry and acts under powers delegated by AFNOR, the French national standardisation authority.

BN Pétrole comprises two departments: an Equipment Department and a Products & Methods Department.

The Equipment Department manages around 300 standards, ranging from drilling to LPG standards. It coordinates the work of 11 BN Pétrole standardisation commissions and helps AFNOR to act as the secretariat of two standardisation committees: CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) and ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation).

The Products & Methods Department directly manages some 600 standards, ranging from LPG, fuels and bitumen to classifications, specifications and product testing methods. It coordinates the work of eight standardisation commissions and serves as the secretariat of four committees, including one international (ISO) and one European committee (CEN).

BN Pétrole is governed by a Management Committee (CODIR) made up of representatives of the major French oil & gas companies. The CODIR sets the policies, approves the budget and ensures the smooth operation of BN Pétrole by collecting its members’ dues and the commission participation fees.

Daniel Rioche has been appointed as EVOLEN’s Standardisation Coordinator. In this capacity, he attends meetings of the commissions managed by BN Pétrole’s Equipment Department and acts as EVOLEN’s representative on BN Pétrole’s CODIR (management committee) and on AFNOR’s Oil & Gas COS (Strategy Committee).

AFNOR’s Strategy Committee covers a large number of activities, ranging from exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals and transport, to the distribution of oil, synthetic and biological products.

International deployment

EVOLEN supports the international development of French businesses through international exhibitions and its network of regional representatives. These are oil & gas professionals, each of whom is dedicated to a particular geographical area in the Maghreb, the Near and Middle East, East and West Africa, Europe and the CIS, Asia and Central Asia.

• International exhibitions

Every year, EVOLEN organises the French Pavilion at a dozen international exhibitions dedicated to oil & gas related activities: it provides logistical services and reserves exhibition space, which it sells to companies that want to set up exhibition stands. Member companies benefit from preferential rates for these services.
In 2012, EVOLEN was present at the following exhibitions: MCEDD - Deepwater Development; OTC - Offshore Technology Conference; WGC - Word Gas Conference - 25th World Gas Conference; NEFTEGAZ; ONS - Offshore Northern Seas; GASTECH; DOT - Deep Offshore Technology.

• Trade missions abroad

With the help of the expertise and experience of its regional representatives, EVOLEN organises trade missions abroad, which enable the participants to meet local operators (oil & gas and related businesses), as well as government authorities and economic players in the regions concerned.

EVOLEN has seven geographical area managers for the following regions: Europe-Central Asia, Maghreb-Mashriq, Russia, China-Ghana, East Africa, West Africa and Asia (excluding China).


• Annual Oil & Gas Industry Days

The Annual Oil & Gas Industry Days are held every year in Paris at the Palais des Congrès conference centre (Porte Maillot). They bring together all the players in the oil, gas and related industries for an exchange of views on the main trends in these sectors.

This 2-day event is attended by over 600 senior managers and representatives of national and international companies, producing countries, research companies, service providers, equipment suppliers, international technical experts and French and European governments.

• Awards

EVOLEN awards three prizes and sponsors a fourth one awarded by the AOP (Amicale Offshore Pétrolier).

Every year, EVOLEN awards four prizes to talented SMEs-SMIs: one for innovation, one for international development, one for talented male and female engineers and technicians, known as the EVOLEN trophy, and one for students, known as the Energia prize, which is organised by the AOP and sponsored by EVOLEN.

These awards are given during a special evening event followed by a cocktail party. This provides all the prize-winners with an opportunity to present their achievements to an audience of a hundred prestigious guests. A summary of the results is also presented to the participants in the Annual Oil & Gas Days event.

• Cocktail party

Every year, EVOLEN organises a cocktail party followed by a seated dinner for over 600 guests in Paris. This unique event is a great opportunity for all oil & gas industry players to meet in a prestigious venue to do some networking and form partnerships.


• Directories

Every year, EVOLEN publishes two directories: a directory of the Association’s corporate members (Companies Directory) and a directory of the Association’s individual members (Private Members Directory). The content, purpose, aims and distribution of these directories are different.

The Companies Directory is dedicated to corporate members: each member company is entitled to a whole page on which to present its activities. This directory is distributed to participants in in all EVOLEN events in France and at all international exhibitions.

The Private Members Directory lists the names, details and job functions of EVOLEN’s private individual members. It is distributed only to EVOLEN’s private members (electoral college 3), who come from over 250 different companies.

Advertising space is available in both of these directories. The advertising revenue thus generated covers the cost of producing the directories and makes it possible to distribute them free of charge.

•  EVOLEN publishes three magazines

EVOLEN Magazine

EVOLEN Magazine is a bimonthly magazine published in partnership with the Infopro Digital media group. It has become the benchmark magazine in France in the oil & gas industry. It aims to provide its readers with work and decision-support tools. It also acts as a networking link between individual private members of the EVOLEN Association.

Each issue contains a comprehensive feature article on a key topic, an interview with a key player in the oil & gas sector and various key sections that provide readers with exhaustive news coverage.

The magazine also presents reports on the scientific and technical conferences organised by EVOLEN including its Annual Oil & Gas industry Days, as well as various conferences organised by its partners.