Our Association

A French association for companies and professionals serving the energy industry

Our Vision

In a multi-energy world, support Oil, Gas and New Energies actors in developing responsible, sustainable and economical solutions to promote access to energy for all and accelerate the energy transition.

Our Mission

Lead and represent a community of industrial actors in France and abroad

Our priorities

  • Support our companies in their growth initiatives in France and abroad
  • Encourage and promote innovation – support projects and start-ups
  • Contribute to disseminating scientific, technical and economical knowledge
  • Promote expertise, integrate and enhance skills

Our commitment to the energy transition
Our areas of development cover in particular:

  • Innovative and responsible solutions in the Oil & Gas sector to accelerate decarbonation of operations
  • Natural gas
  • CO2 capture, storage and recovery
  • Marine energy, including fixed-foundation and floating offshore wind turbines
  • Hydrogen
  • Biogas – biofuels – synthetic fuels
  • Geothermal energy and subsurface byproducts (lithium, …)


EVOLEN represents its members before French and European institutions to:

  • Promote their expertise and skills
  • Defend their interests internationally
  • Provide their point of view on strategic and regulatory guidelines particularly, among other initiatives, by taking part in public debates on energy

EVOLEN is an industrial partner within other associations and groups:

  • French Strategic Committee for the Marine Industry (“Comité Stratégique Industriels de la Mer”)
  • French Committee within the World Petroleum Congress
  • Other associations in its sector and related industries