DIGIREF : "Simplifying TOTAL’s E&P technical referential through its digitalization"


Lieu : Auditorium Total - Tour Michelet - Paris la Défense

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Mercredi 18 mars 2020 à 16h30

Auditorium Total - Tour Michelet - Paris la Défense

DIGIREF : "Simplifying TOTAL’s E&P technical referential through its digitalization"

Speaker: Thierry Chevrot, DIGIREF Project Manager, TOTAL

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TOTAL E&P Branch launched the DIGIREF project in 2019 with a view to simplify the revision and the use of its Technical Referential, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

TOTAL General Specifications within the perimeter of DIGIREF represented originally more than 530 document and 104,000 requirements distributed through 17 technical disciplines.

The overall purpose of DIGIREF is of course not limited to the digitization of documents into a single database to eliminate ‘paper or pdf versions’, but to simplify the activities of authors and users (TOTAL E&P projects and operations and ultimately TOTAL Contractors and Vendors), using an on-the-shelf software package located in an external cloud.

The use of this digital platform offers the following opportunities:

  • Availability online from any location at any time through a user-friendly interface,
  • Clear identification of General Specifications itemized contents: technical requirements versus information, Quality, Contractual, Datasheet, Documentation, Basis of design, Scope…
  • Contextualization of technical requirements based on the object under study,
  • Systematic distinction between International Standards and COMPANY specific requirements,
  • Use of criticality rating levels for technical requirements, with systematic justification, thereby easing the derogation process,
  • Future elimination of non-technical requirements when relevant,
  • Management of cross-references, thereby eliminating redundant requirements.

Ultimately, it is foreseen that the digital transformation of TOTAL E&P Technical Referential will increase the visibility of technical requirements for all stakeholders and therefore lead to a better understanding of the General Specification. This will improve relationships between TOTAL E&P specialists and users of the Technical referential, increase the level of quality, and reduce the costs of projects by facilitating the work of Engineering Contractors and Vendors.

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